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Korea - Mt.Hallasan National Park

Mt.Hallasan stands tall in the middle of Jeju Island. It is also called Mt.Yeongjusan, meaning a mountain high enough to pull the galaxy. Mt.Hallasan is widely acknowledged by scholars for its research values. Designated as a National Park in 1970, there are 368 parasitic mountains called "Ohreum (peaks)" around Mt. Hallasan.

From its warm climate to the cooler areas, Mt.Hallasan is famous for its vertical ecosystem of plants. Over 1,800 kinds of plants and 4,000 species of animals (3,300 species of insects) are known to exist here, and due to the well-developed climbing course, you can carefully observe the surroundings.

Mt.Hallasan is a short climbing course. Less than 10km in length, it is possible to reach the peak and come back down in one day. But the weather conditions often change and there is a lot of wind, so you must be well prepared before going up the mountain.


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