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Mt. Chirisan National Park (지리산)

Along with Mt. Geumgansan and Mt. Hallasan, Mt. Jirisan (지리산) is known to be one of the most sacred mountains in Korea. It was named ‘Jiri’ because it was believed to be a place that turns the innocent into the wise. Mt. Jirisan, located in the south, is one of the five mountain peaks that surround the capital of old Shilla, On December 29, 1957 Jirisan National Park (지리산국립공원) was declared the nation’s first and biggest national park. Its 440.517㎢ area covers Hadong, Sancheon and Hamyang in Gyeongnam Province; Gurye in Jeonnam Province; and Namwon in Jeonbuk Province. The total area is seven times that of Gyeryongsan National Park (계룡산국립공원) and 52 times that of all of Yeouido (여의도).

The Hadong (하동) part of Jirisan National Park is full of great tourist attractions such as Ssanggyesa Temple, Chilbulsa Temple, Bulil Falls, Hwagye Valley, Cheonghak-dong Village and Doinchon Town.


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