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Leptailurus serval

Servals are long-legged, large-eared spotted cats. Their body length is up to one meter, their shoulder height is about 0.6 meter, and they weigh 9 to 18 kg. Males are typically larger than females.

Home Range
Servals can be found in sub-Saharan African savanna and in small numbers in the scrub and mixed woodlands of far northern Africa.

Open grasslands, alpine grasslands, wooded savannas, grassy uplands, and moist areas around but not in rainforests

Servals are strict carnivores, hunting small mammals, especially rodents, as well as birds, reptiles, fish and insects.

Litter of one to four young, with an average of two.

Social Structure
Servals become independent after six to eight months. They are generally nocturnal.

Life Span
Servals may live up to 19 years in captivity.

Fun Fact
Servals are able to leap up to three meters above the ground to catch birds.

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