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Birds List 6

bird pictureGuira Cuckoo
Range: Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, northeastern Argentina
bird pictureDerbyan Parakeet
Range: Himalayan mountains of southwestern China
Habitat: pine and rhododendron forest
bird pictureGreen-winged Macaw
Range: eastern Panama to northern Argentina
Habitat: rain forest and dry woodland
bird pictureBlue-crowned Hanging-Parrot
Range: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei
Habitat: forested lowlands
bird pictureRed-fan Parrot
The hawk-headed parrot is a beautiful species named for the blue and red feathers around their head that are raised when they become excited.
Range: Amazon River region of northern South America
Habitat: tropical forests and savanna
bird pictureEclectus Parrot
Range: New Guinea and nearby islands
Habitat: lowland forests
bird pictureBurrowing Owl
Range: Western and central North America to South America
Habitat: grassland, savanna, desert, farmlands
bird pictureMottled Owl
Range: Mexico to northeastern Argentina
Habitat: dense forest, open woodland, second growth
bird pictureBarred Owl
Bon appetit! The striking hoot of a barred owl—“Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?”—makes this owl sound as if he’s looking for someone to fix a meal. But barred owls probably use this call to define their territory. These noisy owls use other calls as nestlings, fledglings or courting pairs.
Range: East and central US and Canada; Pacific Northwest; western Mexico
Habitat: Forests and wooded swamps
bird pictureLaughing Kookaburra
Range: lowlands of southeastern Australia
Habitat: open woodland, forest, farmlands, orchards, towns

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