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Birds List 5

bird pictureWhite-naped Crane
Range: eastcentral Eurasia (Siberia, China)
Habitat: swamps, marshes, lakes, especially along river valleys
bird pictureGuam Rail
Guam rails are a small flightless bird that lived only on the island of Guam in the Mariana Archipelago in the Pacific. They are omnivorous, which means they eat leaves, seeds, fruits, small lizards, bird eggs, small mammals, and carrion.
Range: Guam and nearby Rota
Habitat: various
bird pictureBlack Crake
Range: Sub-saharan Africa
Habitat: freshwater wetlands
bird pictureSunbittern
Range: Central America through Brazil
Habitat: wooded swamps, humid forest along streams
bird pictureRed-legged Seriema
Range: lowlands of southeastern South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina)
Habitat: shrubby plains
bird pictureKori Bustard
During the breeding season, males perform “balloon” displays to attract females.
Displays can occur throughout the day, but are usually most intense in the early morning and late afternoon/evening.
During the height of the male display, the esophagus inflates to as much as four times its normal size and resembles a balloon. This display may be seen up to one kilometer (.62 miles) away. With the neck expanded, the tail and wing feathers pointed downward, and the crest erected, the male emits a low-pitched booming noise as he snaps his bill open and shut.
The nominate subspecies A. k. kori occurs in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, southern Angola, South Africa and Mozambique (Johnsgard 1991), and prefers wooded grassland areas and dry savannas. In arid grassland areas it is found along dry watercourses where patches of trees offer shade during the heat of the day. In eastern Africa, A. k. struthiunculus occurs in Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania in areas of open grasslands including karoo, bushveld, thornveld, scrubland and savanna habitats (del Hoyo 1996). The miombo woodland of Central Africa separates the two populations.
Habitat: grasslands and lightly wooded savannas of southern and eastern Africa
bird pictureNicobar Pigeon
Range: Southeast Asia, Malay archipelago, New Guinea region
Habitat: bushes, thick forest, mangroves
bird pictureSulawesi Ground Dove
Range: Sulawesi (an island of Indonesia)
Habitat: dense humid forest
bird pictureWestern Crowned-Pigeon
Range: Island of New Guinea
Habitat: forest
bird picturePheasant Pigeon
Range: New Guinea region
Habitat: forest

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