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Birds List 2

bird pictureBlack-crowned Night-Heron
Range: Worldwide
Habitat: wetlands
bird pictureHamerkop
The hamerkop is an unusual bird, related to herons but placed in a family and genus all its own.
Range: Sub-saharan Africa, Madagascar, southern Arabian Peninsula
Habitat: lakes, ponds, swamps, marshes
bird pictureWhite Stork
Range: Europe, the Middle East and West-central Asia
bird pictureScarlet Ibis
Range: Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Venezuela, Guianas, Brazil
Habitat: coastal swamps, mangroves, lagoons, tidewater rivers
bird pictureWhite-faced Ibis
The white-faced ibis has a long, decurved beak.
Range: locally in western Nearctic (United States to Argentina)
Habitat: marshes, swamps, lagoons, lakes
bird pictureRoseate Spoonbill
The bizarre spoon-shaped beak of the roseate spoonbill allows it to strain invertebrates from the water.
Range: Coastal southern United States through South America
Habitat: marshes, swamps, ponds, rivers, lagoons, mangroves
bird pictureFlamingo
The Zoo exhibits flamingos from the Caribbean region.
Range: locally in southern palearctic and southern Asia (southern Europe, India, Africa, West Indies, Mexico,…)
Habitat: salt lakes, brackish shallow lagoons, mudspits
bird pictureCrested Screamer
Range: lowlands of southern South America (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina) 
Habitat: marshes, wet savanna, edge of lagoons, river banks

bird picture
Plumed Whistling-Duck
Range: lowlands of northeastern Australia
Habitat: margins of swamps, marshes, mangroves, grassland, scrub
bird pictureWhite-faced Whistling-Duck
Range: Sub-saharan Africa, Madagascar, Caribbean islands, Central and South America
Habitat: marshes, swamps, lagoons, rivers

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