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LocationThe National Park extends on the most valuable area of the Šumava Mountains. In the outskirts of the Šumava National Park, a protected landscape area of the same name is located.Areanational park on 68.520 ha, protected landscape area on 94.480 ha.

HistoryŠumava was proclaimed protected landscape area in 196In 1991 the national park was established here. Since 1990 Šumava has been included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reservations list.

AltitudeBetween 510 and 1378 m above sea level (Plechý Mountain)

NatureThe Šumava National Park presents the tectonic risen, tabulated mountain range with a highland and upland relief, with large plains even in altitudes about 1000 m above sea level. Consequences of the glaciations appear in the shape of reminders of glacial corries, glacial lakes, stones and boulders seas. The Šumava Mountains belong to the largest areas covered by forests in central Europe. The longest Czech river, which is the Vltava River, springs even here.

Nature interests of the national park (NP)
Borová Lada, Buková slať (Bukova Peat-bog), Jelení vrch (Jeleni Hill), Jezerní luh, Obří zámek (Giant Chateau), Pramen Vltavy (spring of the Vltava River), Spalený luh, Tetřevská slať (Tetrevska Peat-bog), Trojmezná hora (Trojmezna Mountain), Vltavský luh, Žďárecká slať (Zdarecka Peat-bog), Bílá strž (White Ravine), Boubinský prales (Boubinsky virgin forest), Černé and Čertovo jezero (Black and Devil’s Lakes), Házlův kríž (Hazl´s Cross), Svatý Tomáš (St. Thomas), Velké bahno, Hamižná, Nebe or Zátoňská hora. You can get more information about those localities in the Information Centre of the NP Administration.

Main tourist centres
A few of the significant towns among them České Budějovice, Kaplice, Český Krumlov, Horní Planá, Prachatice, Vimperk and Železná Ruda, which provide you with good accommodation and food services, are located close to the national park. You can stay also direct in the mountain tourist centres, where accommodation as well as ski facilities are available all the year round.

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