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It's said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten, and for anyone who has even been there they would probably say that this is true. The Irish are very friendly people and they certainly  know how to enjoy themselves. This beautiful island, often referred to as The Emerald Isle, is undisputedly home to one of the most extrovert and hospitable people in Europe.

The Irish Republic's Capital, Dublin, now ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe. Although Dublin is famous for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere, the city's museums, art galleries, and historical buildings are definitely worth visiting. They offer a wealth of interesting exhibits, everything from the proverbial pot of Irish gold and artistic riches of the book of Kells to a host of other interesting artifact. The Dublin Theater Festival takes place every October for two weeks and brings together the best of Irish and international theater. An exciting Fringe Festival also follows.

Music and dance can be experienced all over Dublin. The popularity of " RiverDance" has reskindled an interest in traditional Irish dancing which visitors can try their hand at in numerous venues around the city and country. And if that isn't your scene, dance the night away at Dublin's trndy nightclubs or watch rock band perform at a range of venues all over the island.

Exploring Ireland is something for which every visitors should try and allow time. The scenery is simply breathtaking and the coastal drives are stunning. Travel South-West from Dublin and you will come across the provincial cities of Cork and Shannon. Ancient castles, quaint harbor, picturesque villages, all make this area well worth a visit.

On the western shore of Ireland, Connemara and Galway are just two of the popular towns located along the rugged coastline. Horse breeding and farming are the main sources of income in this area.

To get a feel for this magical land, walk around the pretty little streets and take in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the smell of hops of the Guinness brewery, dine at the wonderfully old fashioned fish and chip shops, or shop for traditional crafts at the numerous stores around.

 Arlington Hotel Temple Bar
 Lord Edward Street, Dublin, Ireland

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